How to get backlinks from Wikipedia


Backlinks are inbound links to a web page or website and were considered the primary means of navigation before the advent of search engines. This is an important part of SEO as search engines measure a website's popularity by the number of quality inbound links it has. Links from quality sites have a big impact on search engine rankings. Marketers are always looking for ways to get quality backlinks from websites that have a good domain.

Backlink building is an essential part of any SEO strategy and therefore it is important to ensure that a good backlink SEO strategy is being built during any Internet marketing campaign. This Wiki page can help you learn more on the topic: .

Backlinks from Wikipedia - are they helpful?

  • Wikipedia is one of the most popular and authoritative websites on the Internet.
  • Any backlink obtained from well-known websites such as Wikipedia will have an impact on the website's search engine rankings .
  • Wikipedia backlinks are non-subscription backlinks and therefore will not be able to convey any link power to your site.

Hence, is it worth creating backlinks to Wikipedia when the backlinks have nothing to do with nature? The answer to the questions is: yes! While no backlinks say they add link power, they do affect SEO. Backlinks from Wikipedia will help drive some direct traffic to your site, and this may help you.

How to get backlinks from the Wiki

Since Wikipedia does not provide referral links, getting backlinks from Wikipedia will take time and patience. Let's see what you can do to get backlinks from the Wiki.

  • Building quality backlinks has always been a trade-off relationship. Hence, you have to give something before you can get backlinks from sites like Wikipedia.
  • The first step is to join Wikipedia as an editor.
  • The next step is to spend time (a lot of time) editing the content on Wikipedia and helping the Wiki maintain its content.
  • Don't edit content just for the sake of editing. The edits you do must be accurate, otherwise you might be deleted as an editor.
  • Other Wiki editors will follow you and report you if they suspect any wrongdoing.
  • Select Wiki articles where you can add more details.
  • Research carefully the information you can provide to this page and make sure the content is well presented.
  • You can refer to reliable sources when providing information on wiki pages.
  • Once you've created a reliable Wiki story, you can add your links to pages with content related to your products or services.
  • Make sure you include a reason why the link you provided will be helpful.
  • Keep looking for content that is relevant to your business, and draw out plans for how you can add links to this page.
  • Please add relevant links, otherwise they will be removed by other editors.
  • DO NOT spam your wiki with links , as this will hurt you a lot. Be organic and add smart links.
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So what do you think about getting backlinks from Wikipedia !!!!! Are you ready for this.